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X86/64 in search for most simple changeover from Ambiscreen 4K to HYPERION

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by =SDW=, 8 January 2021.

  1. =SDW=

    =SDW= New Member

    RPi3, 32/64bit
    I'm new here, checked some threads and youtube tutorials and I am asking for advice here.
    I currently have an finished bought Ambiscreen installed (the 4k HDMI splitter version) on a HTPC system that is only used with PC, Marantz AVC and 4k TV. No other sources needed, also not using smart TV sources.

    Installed the bought version when I didn't have time - I have general experience with PCs, numerous Raspimatic, Libreelec and Volumio Raspberries and would like to change my main PC+AVC+TV combination from Ambiscreen to a self made/ operated Hperion application.

    The main reason is that the HDMI splitter needed for the current setup is compromising WIN10 HDR recognition. Since the Ambiscreen can only handle 1080p, the splitter runs a normal 2k and a 4k HDR output which is reconized by WIN10 as non HDR compliant hardware and therefore it disables HDR availability as soons as I connect the Splitter/Ambiscreen.

    So after checking some youtube tutorials and recent threads in this forum, I think HYPERION offers 2 ways to solve that problem easily. I am not 100% sure of the right terminology and functionality and could not find a PC only solution in the documentation as this capability seems to be new/alpha.

    I would like to keep my WS28...strips on the TV and already have a stable and powerful 5V line out of my PCs power supply to run everything and sync the power on/off with the PC.

    I think the common way to solve this is:

    Screen grapper => signal over LAN to Raspberry running hyperion. The either use pin 18 for the LED command line or put a arduino (nano) inbetween for a reason that I don't understand.

    Now, there seems to be a solution where I can run Hyperion on the PC enabling grabbing and the Hyperion funkion without the Raspberry inbetween, just connecting a Ard Nano or Generic rip-off over USB (after configuring it)'

    Is it possible to use this item:
    AZDelivery Nano V3.0 mit Atmega328 CH340 fertig verlötete, verbesserte Version mit USB Kabel, 100% Nano V3 kompatibel

    with hyperion running on my pc to control the LED strip?

    What wording do I need to use to search for the right configuration file for this or a more suitable item (if someone can recommend one).

    Thanks you all!
    Any hint in English or German would be greatly appreciated!