Hyperion install on LAKKA OS

  • Hey guys,

    I want to use hyperion on my Lakka OS that builds on LibreElec OS. My programming knowlegde is not that good to change all the pathes in the install script: install_hyperion.sh

    Is it possible that you add the Lakka OS in future updates? That would be great. I use hyperion on LibreElec OS and I am very excited about that.

    Thank you for your hard work till now.

  • does not work on LAKKA yet... and also on OSMC installed via PINN... that sucks hard.

    i have to dissect this install_hyperion.sh script now in two distros... great!

    After apt-get install dialog the hyperion setup script works on OSMC installed via PINN.

    LAKKA (seems to base on libreELEC) gives this:

    also set the OS detection in the script hard to openELEC (yes, open... libre doesnt work at all...) changes nothing: no apt-get, no writable filesystem, no luck.

    Fixing/moving dependencies by hand changes not that much:

    enuff fails for a day...

    but wait... maybe i should enable SPI in config.txt? Later...tomorrow... LAKKA is scanning FinalBurnAlpha... takes ages.

    Any hints?

  • just change line 36 of your install_hyperion.sh script to
    OS_OPENELEC=`grep -m1 -c 'Lakka\|OpenELEC\|RasPlex\|LibreELEC\|OpenPHT\|PlexMediaPlayer' /etc/issue`
    it's just expanded by "Lakka\|", cause /etc/issue doesn't contain the info, that it's a Libreelec built... :D
    should work...brb

    ...5mins later: no Framegrabber for lakka
    hyperion-framebuffer: FRAMEBUFFERGRABBER ERROR: Unknown pixel format: 35033824 bits per pixel
    hyperion-v4l2.sh: hyperion-v4l2: version : V1.03.3 (brindosch-2fbbcff/2f01dfa-1495880388 build time: un 3 2017 02:06:03 V4L2GRABBER ERROR: Cannot identify '/dev/video0' ERROR 2, No such file or directory
    hyperion-x11: X11GRABBER ERROR: Unable to open display. DISPLAY environment variable not set
    , there's hope...in unofficial X11 builds...

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