Cant Handle Large Number of LEDs = 560

  • Hi Please Help!

    I have been trying to set up Ambient TV lighting for a year now with no luck & just came across this alfa version & I think I managed to get it partially working - the issue is I have 2x 2m strips of 144 LED/m = 576 LEDs in total but I have 560 around the TV & it can’t handle the number of LEDs - the maximum I can get it working with is 250 LEDs with 1000,000 Baud rate
    I tried changing Baud Rates but still no luck

    This is my setup:

    • Arduino Mega Wireless 2560 R3 Mega2560 REV3 ATmega2560-16AU Board
    • DC 5V 20A 100W Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply
    • 2x LED Strip 5V WS2812B 5050 RGB 144LED/M LED Strip Lights WS2812 IC
    • Digital video audio HDMI to AV CVBS Converter Support 4Kx2K L/R stereo NTSC PAL
    • Easycap USB 2.0 VHS VCR to Win PC DVD Video Audio Converter Grabber Capture Card
    • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ B Plus
    • HDMI switch

    Hyperion status: On
    Platform: Raspberry Pi
    Controller type: adalight
    Instance: First LED Hardware instance
    Ports (flat|proto): 19400 | 19445
    Your Hyperion version: 2.0.0-alpha.5
    Watched version branch: Alpha
    Latest Hyperion version: 2.0.0-alpha.5

    I have attached the Sketch, Hypercon & Debug files

    When I turn on the power all the LEDs lit up GBR & then nothing - but they work if I set it to 250 LEDs (it also works with the remote)

    I really appreciate your feedback as I tried everything that I know & really anxious to get it working

    Many thanks

  • Thank you for this really appreciate it Akriss, I managed to get 500 lights working albeit it kept freezing on 1 colour now & again, so I tweaked the sketch (attached) & managed to get it to a reasonable state & it looks great, however with 500 LEDs it will only covers half of my TVs last vertical frame, which I can live with for now but if there is possibility to have every other LED lit that would be great to cover the whole frame - as the total LEDs will be 280 instead of 560 which I have.

  • but if there is possibility to have every other LED lit that would be great

    But then your making a 72 led per meter strip out of a 144 led strip. They are sellers of 72 led per meter strips, Would it not be easier to get a different count led strip, say a 60 led per meter (which I think is more then enough for ambient TV lights) and save the 144 strip for another project?

    Just my 2cents.

  • @Akriss - well I see your point but at the moment I don't have any other project & I have stuck the LEDs to the back of the TV with a lot of difficulty as it was coming off & now reluctant to take out again so was hoping to use the same LEDs ideally

    @TPmodding - nice to hear back from you, hope all is well mate - how would you propose splitting into 2 parts?

  • interesting concept what the configuration would be like, for example do we need two hyperion instances or will one handle both?
    I'm using a Mega but also have an extra Arduino Uno can I split between them or better with 2x wemos d1 mini with WLED software?

  • Thx TPmodding I might look into that a bit later
    However I think I managed to break the record & got 560 LEDs on with the last Sketch I posted were we took out the Analogue stuff that weren't used....Thanks to you!
    I then cut back to 545 LEDs which was the correct no. for my TV area as I mis-calculated the total initially nevertheless it worked & it looks amazing - I still need to do some fine tuning as sometime the colour is not exactly correct e.g. I get pinks where its really brownish etc. & not sure what to tweak? but Blue, Red & Green is spot on

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