[Solved] Hyperion Flicker Issues(2)

  • Hardware List:
    Pi 3
    Adafruit SPI Lifter
    APA102 ( 474 )
    Easyday UTVF007
    Power Supply Astec 24V 14A
    3x Tobsun Buck Stepdown Regulators 24V to 5V/15A Capable
    5V is not shorted between LEDs and Peripheral devices
    2 Tobsun Buck Regulators for LEDs
    1 for Pi, HDMI Splitter, and HDMI-RCA converter

    Partial Success:
    Works as expected until LEDS during white scenes begin to flicker.

    Happens when in "Remote" with White Effect.
    Does not happen with Arduino direct control setting LEDs to color.White ( using FastLed.h from github)
    Last LED in chain has 4.78V
    Continues to happen when LED Brightness is set lower. Lower value makes it more frequent.

    Please Help: Would like to test Arduino as LED Driver with PI as Master.
    Problem, nothing happens when I power on devices.

    Pi by itself works. Arduino by itself using simple sketch works. Combined, does not work.

    Arduino has Adalight.ino ( Cant get LEDs to function )
    Pi has Hyperbian installed 2.0.0-alpha.6

    I only altered LED_TYPE, MAX_LEDS, and DATA_Pin and CLOCK_Pin, and serialRate

    Thank you for reading and thank you for your time!

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    "device": {
    "colorOrder": "bgr",
    "delayAfterConnect": 1500,
    "hardwareLedCount": 473,
    "latchTime": 30,
    "lightberry_apa102_mode": true,
    "output": "/dev/ttyACM0",
    "rate": 1000000,
    "rewriteTime": 1000,
    "type": "adalight"

    rate should be the same as on your arduino sketch...

  • "device": {
    "rate": 1000000,


    rate should be the same as on your arduino sketch...

    Firstly, thank you for your help.

    Changing the rate did the trick. I did some testing.

    Flickering while solid white is fixed WITH Arduino in Communication chain.

    Can now Test White color reliably with no flicker.
    Can now lower brightness reliably with no flicker.

    New Issue:
    Hypothesis: Grabber Easyday UTVF007 Issue

    What happens - Intermittently LEDs go crazy, on still image. Leds for a split second return to Effect.
    Can have no issues for a couple of seconds.
    Not observable in Hyperion Screen Capture TV

    Tests I have performed.

    NTSF or PAL
    Any Standard Resolution ( from list )
    Any Hz, 25, 30 or Auto
    pixelDecimation-1 - 14 tested
    Crop numbers varied ( Random order )
    Disabled: Smoothing ( Reason: LEDs go Crazy )
    Disabled: Black Border Detection ( Reason: Just Testing)
    Enabled: ForegroundEffect - Color - Red (Reason - Noticed When Grabber is disabled effect activates )
    Swapped Mail to Mail on Yellow RCA
    Placed 470 Ohm in series on MOSI ( Data Out)

    Has anyone any idea what is happening and or how to fix?

  • sometimes the usb video grabber get not enough current...if you have a powered usb hub, try to check if this is the problem...

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    TLDR: Issue Not resolved.

    Test Performed:
    Soldered Peripheral 5V direct to Easyday Grabber ( Onto 5V to 3,3V regulator )
    Note: I have 3x 5V buck regulators supplies. 2 for LEDs and 1 For Peripherals. All GNDs are connected from Astec 24V supply ( source)

    Voltage went from 4.86V ( No Mod) to 5.06V ( W/ Mod ) while operating.
    Flicker back to Solid Color Effect persists. Changed Grabber settings around.
    No further observable differences. :/

    Issue: Grabber Disconnects and Reconnects fast
    Has anyone any idea what is happening and or how to fix?

  • *Solved* Fingers Crossed

    Originally had 2 issues.
    1) White Color Only Flicker - Symptom Intensity Change from Bright to Medium Bright by itself.
    2) Grabber Disconnect - Symptom LEDs would go back Background Effect several times a second for short duration.

    Solution to problem 1:
    Replace Adafruit I2C/SPI IO Level Lifter with Arduino
    --Lesson: 'rate' and 'serial rate' are the same. Corresponds to serial baud rate.

    Solution to problem 2:
    Enable Smoothing
    Decrease Update Frequency to 15 Hz
    Changed time to 150ms instead of 200ms
    --Lesson - O that is what that is for!

    Settings I kept:
    720x480 at 30 fps for NTSC and PixelDecimation 2

    I switched from Pi 0 to Pi3 because I dont use USB Hub.
    A hub is needed to connect grabber and arduino to pi zero

    - Problems with flickering?
    Try lower the smoothing frequency and lower the framegrabber frequency in your Hyperion configuration.
    -Problem with Single Color Flickering
    try an Arduino Uno Rev 3 or higher.

  • Flickering Issue 3: Rare flicker. Once in a few hours part of my strip would go white. Fixed with Cat 8a Ethernet cable for noise reduction. I have my Hyperion setup next to a router and next to 8 AC cables. Lots of magnetics and interference going on there.

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