Hyperion on same Raspberry pi 3b+ as Homeassistant

  • Hey guys,

    I want to run hyperion to emulateAmbilight to my 55" Samsung TV. It should get the 1080p signal from a Ezcap269 capture card and control my nodemcu ESp8266 with wled on it over wifi.

    Is it operable to install my hyperion on the same Raspberry Pi 3b+ as my Homeassistant instance? If yes, how could I do it? Longterm I will swap my Homeassistant instance to an extra server, but at the moment it is not possible.

    Greetings from Germany

  • I am running on my Raspi3+ with Raspian Stretch in parallel:

    • Hyperion NG Alpha 0.9
    • Homebridge
    • Home Assistant (in a virtual environment)
    • Homematic piVCCU

    works fine except LIRC which seems not to work with Hyperion and some grabber combinations.

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