Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'running' of undefined

  • So I continue to get the error message I referenced in the subject. I have reinstalled raspberry pi and Hyperion several times. Everything goes through but when I connect to the 8090 the sight comes up fine but the error message comes up. This will not let me continue, I think it might have something to do with the password I set up previously with hyperion but do not know how to reset that. Hyperion does not give me the option to put in the password but that is just my theory.

    I very much appreciate any help. I know very little of programming but this was a fun adventure thus far.

  • Im having a similar issue. Im able to ssh but when reseting the password. I stop the service, delete the home/pi/.hyperion folder, reset the password and then reboot I open the Hyperion page with the 8090 and it still asks for a password. I try "hyperion" and cant get past it.

    Clean all browning data and reboot browser. Same issue

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