Issues with SK6812 RGBW

  • can you disable smoothing?

    change .txt to .json

    and then import to your system.

    if that doesn't work then remove that hardware level shifter out of the config and test again

  • ok so now i have disabled platform capture (i´ve also reconnected the level switcher) and changed the Baudrate to 7000000... now some of the Effects work... but also just a short amount of time... i think this is a Baudrate issue... do you know by chance what number i have to put in there to get it to work?

  • i think this is a Baudrate issue...

    I think also...

    SK6812 are more sensitive. Try this. You can change this in the console.

    sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

    Add this at the end of the same line, but don't forget space, otherwise the RPi may not start anymore!


    Save it!

    Next deactivate the audio output (runs via PWM) in the config.txt, usually just remove the # in front of it.

    # Enable audio (loads snd_bcm2835)
    # Enable DRM VC4 V3D driver on top of the dispmanx display stack

    Save it!

    Restart the RPi. After that, the SK6812 should work in SPI on pin 19 (GPIO 10).

    Or use the LEDs on pin 12 (GPIO 18) in PWM mode, then select ws281x in Hyperion.

    Both variants worked for me on a RPi 3A +.

    The whole thing only makes sense if, apart from Hyperion, no other audio applications are running on the Pi.

    With Kodi, for example, you would no longer have any audio output.

    Grüße aus Österreich / Greetings from Austria !

    - Don't wanna miss it anymore !

  • Mike72

    boosting the SPI bus core for this ledstrip seems a little out there, hope it works! we tried almost everything ;)

    normally SPI bus can't run faster then core freq speed?

    7000000 is 700Mhz thats really high (to high) :/


    Or use the LEDs on pin 12 (GPIO 18) in PWM mode, then select ws281x in Hyperion.

    on sk6812 using this ledcontroller, ws281x > if it works doesn't need to run Hyperion.NG under root all the time?

    i never read that people where steering these leds on PWM so thatswhy i go the SPI bus route with him.

    well, i hope he fixes this because this ledstrip is a pain in the ** :whistling:

  • just out of curiousity... what does that do? and i still got the issue that my leds are flashing white every 5-10 seconds... how do i fix this?

  • Quote

    The SK6812 is very similar to the WS2812B, and can be used as a drop-in replacement in most applications because it features the same interface and color order (so LED strips based on the SK6812 and WS2812B can be chained together). The main difference between the two drivers is that the SK6812 has voltage-independent color and brightness over a wide voltage range, which means that the colors of the LEDs should not be affected by a drop in the supply voltage as much as they are on the WS2812B.

    Looks like sk6812 is a direct clone of ws2812b with some improvements made

    Looks like sk6812 is a direct clone of ws2812b with some improvements made. LED is driven at higher PWM frequency and some variants have separate white die, instead of running RGB channels simultaneously. All existing ws2812 libraries are compatible (commonly refered as ‘NeoPixel’). Sk6812 and ws2812 are actually controler chips, and LEDs you are interested in have chip integrated.

    Normally,we can not distinguish it well,but through the IC shape,we can see it is ws2812b or sk6812.

    i've dived into this and it seems that your ledstrip can run on a diffrent Led controller.

    Can you leave the SPI connection but select the ws2812? so run it first on SPI and set baudrate on 3000000

    if that doesn't do the trick then try to run it on PWM >> the article says the ledstrip is capable to do that so i was wrong first and it seems that it should do fine. :)

    So, for the SPI

    ledcontroller ws2812spi

    GPIO 10

    baudrate 3000000 or higher, just test it out ( article says the ledstrip demands a high frequency)

    so, for the PWM > make sure in config.txt audio =off


    ledcontroller ws281x

    GPIO 18

    DMA 5

    PWM 0

  • the PWM also doesn‘t work at all... the LEDs just stay black the whole time

    did ypu look at remote section? is the leddevice running?

    if it is, time for a new set of lights

    don't know anything else you can try

  • What's the settings you are using now, may help someone who purchase this sk9812 ledstrip.

    Good you found the problem, cheap electronics :D:whistling:

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