Hyperion.NG color calibration steps to enhance the ledstrip colours (almost) the same as tv image for USB capturing devices

  • how did you achieve your final colour setup with help of this calibration guide? ( more than one answer is possible) 6

    1. I altered only the Gamma settings (3) 50%
    2. I had to alter the RGB colour settings individually (3) 50%
    3. I upgraded the USB splitter or LOOP device (2) 33%
    4. i switched to a different (type) higher quality ledstrip (1) 17%
    5. i replaced or cranked up my PSU to a steady 5volts DC (1) 17%
    6. I changed the capturing device for a better quality one (1) 17%
    7. I connected both sides of the ledstrip to +5volts GND (1) 17%
    8. I did no changes at hardware area (like capturing device/splitter/PSU) (1) 17%
    9. I did no changes at software (Hyperion.NG) area (1) 17%
    10. I altered the colour-settings of my tv (colourpallet) / HDR or DolbyVision settings to ON/OFF (0) 0%

    hello folks,

    This is for the people that are wondering: "how do I achieve nice colourfull palet of colours out of my ledstrip?"

    start with this from a basic point of view, this are the best results ( most accurate colours you can achieve) with a couple of pointers.

    • first find your LED setting RGB/BGR/GBR in ledcontroller settings to suit your ledstrip.

    • make sure the capture video is > at highest setting ( lower count decimation) and highest resolution 16/9 like 1080p

    • Make sure also that your TV and your captured image/live feed from the source are as much alike,

    so turn off enhancements in your image settings of tv if this is not the case and you can't get them equal!

    • Make sure the captured image before go to your PI is as high as possible, use a good quality splitter
    • use a good quallity PSU, the better/stronger the PSU is (puts out a clean steady 5 volts) the nicer the colours will be
    • find a youtube video with Ambilight >> Youtube pause it at the colour you want to set

    • Go to remote section of Hyperion.NG, here you can 'tinker" the settings and see immediatelly results this does not save your settings

    see below

    • Gamma basic setting is (1.0) change Gamma over 2.0 for every RGB colour ( between 2.0 and 2.4) something like that, it is different for each ledcontroller
    • then go to Image Processing and make the settings solid and save them.

    • RGB colours leave them basic yellow/white/red/blue/green etc etc don't touch that ( yet)

    now try with the RGB Gamma and paused Youtube video to achieve the colours, it has to be really simple now

    reminder; every time you change Gamma on a colour an other colour can go off.

    its almost impossible to have all the ledcolours exactly matched with your TV.

    If you can't get the right results with only Gamma RGB settings then try to set each RGB colour individually, but its not my way to do this.

    note; marked first mentioned lines is really important because the captured image into Hyperion.NG translates the correct colours for the leds...

    if those in beginning don't match with your tv its hard to set them right in Hyperion.NG..

    note2; take your time for this, it can take hours or even days to tinker the settings before you have a result you can be pleased with :)

    if you have questions, shoot. :) >> my settings is like this in example, for you it can be different outcome.


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    i can recommend this video! one of the best to calibrate!

  • after having several experience now with diffrent strips and setups:

    i would like to add that injecting power on 5volt ledstrips in the middle of the strip above 200 leds ( 60l/mtr types) is really recommended.

    I upgraded from APA102 (30l/mtr 130leds) to HD107s (60l/mtr 260leds) and had to alter a few things.

    -increase glassfuse from 6A to 20A > drawing around 14 Amps on 5 volts at 100 brightness

    -injecting extra 5v/GND power in the middle of the strip.

    -combining leads ( white/red) ledstrip power extra at begin at end of ledstrip.

    -increasing gauge wires from 1.0mm to 3mm ( 2x 1,5mm2)

    if you don't then the colours will be off

    you can't run the leds at full brightness but only 30% ! > more brightness will result in colour failing, especially the whites..

    goodluck with your build everybody, video of HD107s will be coming :)

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