Enttec DMX USB Pro

  • Hello, I'm running a Raspberry Pi 4B with an HDMI to USB capture card and an Enttec DMX USB Pro. I got DMX output working manually using Node and the dmx package from npm but struggled with acceptable camera image latency so I tried Hyperion out.

    However, even when running effects from Hyperion the connected light doesn't react, even after a restart and not using any of my own software. The devices appear correctly (USB capture device and DMX output device) and I only have one light mapped to cover the entire screen - capture seems to be working but is a very dark representation of the screen sometimes. Where should I be looking to determine or change the DMX addressing layout? My light is at address 1 of universe 1 and is in 3-channel mode but in practice I may be using lights with an intensity channel at channel 1 and potentially other functions as well which displace the colour channels - a non-zero intensity channel output will also be necessary to get output from the lights in this case. I'd appreciate some help. Cheers :)

    I am using Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit, flashed yesterday with fswebcam installed. I didn't install anything explicitly to handle DMX output, that works using the device /dev/ttyUSB0 as serial from Node.

  • I've tried a colour effect (Mood Blobs, I think) but that didn't produce any output, though I could see the single mapped LED in the web interface pulsating red.

    Here's the log: https://pastebin.com/3vwrtx6A (might be obvious I don't really understand the effects controls very well)

    I was in the remote control page and I see a purple colour set via the web configuration has a higher priority than my source and is selected. No visible output from the light at any point still, even if I swap between the sources - still relatively unclear as to what DMX channels are being controlled here (though I'm aware this takes time).

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