please help losing the will to live with all this now

  • hello all,

    please can someone help i cannot get this to transmit the information from pi to lights ive read hundreds of threads in english and translated from german.

    under my capture list, i cannot change the input from camera 1 to automatic.

    InputSelect the video input of your device. 'Automatic' keeps the value chosen by the v4l2 interface.
  • try this

    apt-cache search firmware

    find these 2

    1. hdmi2usb-fx2-firmware - FX2 firmware for hdmi2usb board development
    2. fxload - Firmware download to EZ-USB devices

    and execute them

    code to install if found

    apt-get install hdmi2usb-fx2-firmware

    apt-get install fxload

    • Official Post

    i cannot change the input from camera 1 to automatic.

    From alpha10 onwards there is no „automatic“. You are presented with the devices discovered by the system. Automatic was just a workaround before. Some devices itself report them as camera, but that is just to the fact how the vendor presents them.

    Check as outlined above with, if your device is detracted.

    You also might disconnect the grabber, refresh the grabber screen. Then either no grabber discovered or your camera should be presented. If you now connect your grabber, refresh the screen again, our grabber should show up in addition. If there is no additional grabber presented you need to get your grabber recognized by the system.

  • all sorted now , it wasn't the programming but the installation for some reason my amp was nlocking signal to the capture device all working now..

    just got problems with colour and syncing speeds dose anyone have an image of there capture card settings as im struggling to find a happy medium.

    when screen is black i get a few leds around the screen white flickering etc.

    also a pic of colour calibration settings

    purple seems a bit blue.

    red a bit orange

    green in black

    also i get a bit more saturation on the bottom and top of screen when image in the middle.

    sorry i dont want much do i.

    thank you for all your help.

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