Change Smoothing Time via API

  • Hi,

    I would like to toggle between two smoothing settings:

    • one with a longer Time: 300 ms. Laidback viewing
    • one with a shorter Time: 25 ms. The turbo mode, nice for music video's, demo purposes, etc.

    How can i achieve this? I'm thinking of two options:

    1. Call the API to change the Smoothing Time. I could not find this option in the json documentation. Is this possible?
    2. Create two instances, with everything exactly the same (same hardware, same gpio pin, same layout, etc), but with one vital difference: the Smoothing Time setting

    Option 1 seems to be most desired outcome (if supported of course). Option 2 seems less maintenance-friendly to me, and swithching between the two instances would most likely be visible with a brief flicker (because you swithch the led hardware off and then on again). I'm not even sure if it is possible to set two instances with exactly the same hardware?

    What would you advice? Any other solution is also fine of course.




  • Just give it a try. Ke ist that’s you cannot run both in parallel…

    Export the configuration on the current instance, create a new instance in Ui, start it and then import the config into the new one.

    Then change the smoothing.

    That might be the quickest way to get it running…

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