What is decimation in Capturing hardware / USB Capturing setting?

  • decimation is: the higher the value the smaller pixels/resolution Hyperion is getting out of the total grabbed image.

    normally a size decimation of 1 means, grabbed image is not going to be smaller ( less pixels) as the original,

    the higher you go, the worse the image will get >> and also the colourscheme of your leds... ( look at your live feed)

    but... the better your PI will cope with that because its using less calculating/rendering power of the CPU and GPU.

    what we normally do is setting the value at about 6, then slowly going to decrease it until you see that the live feed screen is getting a little delay, that means that the PI is at its top of calculating power of the rendered image into Hyperion

  • The resolution is important to note.

    If you have a grabber that delivers 640x480 and Size decimation = 1, Hyperion must calculate 640x480 pixels ( high calculating/rendering power of the CPU and GPU).

    But you only installed 84x47 | 84x47 LEDs, for example.

    So you can use size decimation down until you reach the number of LEDs.


    640x480 /5 = 128x96 (less calculating/rendering power of the CPU and GPU).

    128x96 > 84x47 = :thumbup:

    Size decimation by 6 or 7 would also work, 8 gives 80x60 so we would be under the number of LEDs.

    Hyperion calculates internally with 0 to 1 x 0 to 1.

    regards pclin

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