Hyperion Android Grabber on TV with HDMI Firestick

  • Hello, I have a question about my setup. Now, hyperion is working on my system but I was wondering what can I do to leave the grabber installed on tv but using it on my firestick ? Now the sceen grabber is not grabbing the screen from firestick unless is installed on the stick.

  • I've read your post over and over.

    Can u make a draft how you connected things? I really don't understand the question you have.


    • How and onto what is Hyperion.NG installed, which version and type?
    • Are u using PI raspberry, PC or other?
    • What type is the grabber you are referring to, fysical or a app on android?
  • Hey here is my setup:

    Hyperion.NG is installed on Raspi3b

    > Raspi3b is communicating with lightberry usb box

    > lightberry usb is managing the leds

    > Android grabber is installed on TV. Until this step, everything is working.

    >> firestick 4k is connected on tv by hdmi.

    >> Android grabber installed on TV is not grabbing the screen from the firestick unless

    >> Android grabber installed on firestick, everything is working.

  • the source should be the device where the Android screen grabber app is installed on.

    In my case I have the Android screen grabber being installed onto Nvidia Shield Pro. This is a multimedia Android device which contains more apps than only watching TV.

    In your case the Firestick is also the source and not the TV that only receives HDMI video from the Firestick. The TV can be also the source but maybe the network or Android version on the TV (or other like Samsung, is not jailbreaked yet) is not compatible to send the PROTObuf signal to the PI.

    My motto is; "if it isn't broken don't try to fix it"

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