LED lag/ delay with stroboscope like effects

  • Hi guys! I have this problem since my first setup from 2017. The problem is when screen is suddenly changing from lets say green to red than leds are still green for some time until they turn red. My current setup is ESP32, apa102c/144 led pm with built in hyperion UI screen grabbing. In 2017 setup was with RPI, hyperion and whole lightberry ecosystem. Screw it, i may even delay my whole TV just to make LEDs keep up. But how should i do it? In near future i woud like to use external grabber. Rn im using 4k, 120hz HDR. Any ideas of what should i do? Like in the title its problem with stroboscopelike scenes. But it is where its the biggest issue for me. I have all smoothing etc turned off.

  • I have read now your post, I have a similar problem here:

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