Reading out Hyperion Screen Capture Color Value via Home Assistant Integration

  • Hello,

    i hope that there is no thread started yet for this topic.

    My use case i want to realize with Hyperion is to toggle Smart Lights connected to my Home Assistant, depending on the Screencolour which is displayed at my Dekstops Monitor. Im using the Home Assistant Integration. Is this possible?

    My idea was to read out the RGB Value of the Screencapture delivered by Hyperion and push this values to Home Assistant.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Have a look here:

    If I am not mistaken HA already has a Hyperion plug-in. Maybe it provides certain events already to.

    The capture preview in HA is using the subscriptions, as far as I understand…

  • Thanks for your support...puh i never used json before. So i need to learn something about it and how to work with that

    The Capture Preview in the HA Plugin delivers no information that i could use.

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