Jellyfin, Chromecast with Google TV

  • Hello there
    I just came across Hyperion and I'm really excited!!

    I've done some googling but could not find a way to make it work with my setup.

    I have an x86_64 Jellyfin server, Hyperion running on it too.

    WLED on ESP8266 (but could also install it on an ESP32)

    Chromecast with Google TV running Jellyfin client

    I read about Android Hyperion Grabber but could not find an APK compatible with Chromecast with Google TV.

    I'd hope I didn't have to use an external HDMI splitter
    Maybe the Jellyfin server could send to both the client and Hyperion at the same time? (At least it would work with my local library)

    Hopefully an Android grabber that works on Chromecast with Google TV, so it would work with other streaming too...

    I don't know if it's so simple that I'm missing it or if it's now the way it works

    Please advise

    Thanks in advance

  • the grabber is kind of bad unless you're only looking at watching things with something like Kodi or Plex. Anything that has DRM will not work with the grabber. I tried going down that road, but Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ will not work with it.

  • I kind of don't mind about DRM. It would be nice, of course, but it if works with Jellyfin I would be glad already.

    I'm even thinking about using FFmpeg to previously scan all my media and create a separate file to send to Hyperion

    Any help on that is also appreciated

  • So, again.. any way to get it working without video capture device?

    Any working grabber?
    Jellyfin Server running on a Intel Nuc
    Jellyfin Client running on a Chromecast with Google TV

    • Official Post

    I scanned through the Jellyfish documents and there seems to be no copying feature on the server side.

    On the client side you would normally capture the screen via a software grabber ( and send to Hyperion) or an USB Grabber.

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