Do LED Neon Tubes make sense?

  • Hello Community,

    I am in the process of getting the necessary hardware for my setup. I saw LED neon tubes on the BTF-Light on aliexpress and wanted to know in advance whether they make sense at all. I was planning to stick the LED strips on a frame that is slightly raised from the TV (i.e. not directly on the back). My 55" LGTV hangs about 15 cm from the wall. I would like to use SK6812-RGBNW with 60LED/m as a 5V version. As a controller, I got my own WLED-Board.

    I am open to suggestions and ideas for improvement.



    Edit: I see there is only a SK6812 12V on a shop called zedfy.
    Edit2: Found this 12V Sk6812 with Cold-White (6000-6500k)

  • 12 V SK6812 are not recommended, 3 LEDs are always bundled, is not ideal for Ambilight.

    A frame for LED mounting makes sense.

    The neon rope tubes are good for effects where you don't want to see a single LED, but not for Ambilight.

    regards pclin

  • Thanks for your advice!

    I would do it with 5V SK6812 NW and use two power inserts.



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