Captured input - no signal - noise only

  • Hey guys,

    I successfully installed Hyperbion, configured it and run it perfectly. I just noticed one interesting thing I am unable to debug or figure out. When I change anything in configuration and restart the Hyperbion, I see only typical "TV noise" which is captured - instead of original video. And for this noise, the LEDs are blinking, so the LEDs are working.

    Does anybody experience similar problem? I needed to restart the RaspberryPi to fix the capture. It looks like the capture HW is unable to capture the source and put the noise as an input.

    Thank you

    Here is the screenshot:

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    Not enough information to help you.

    This looks like protected content.

    Which grabber which content?

    Do colors and effects work?

    Is there anything in the Hyperion debug log?

    regards pclin

  • Okay I will try to provide more details, please ask for more if you need it.

    In general, it is not protected content - I have connected PS5 and there I played movies via Netflix, HBOMax, PS games etc - variable content grabbed via grabber. Everything is working as expected - my solution is:

    1) Raspberry Pi Zero 2W

    2) HDMI Video Capture with Loop - typical from AliExpress -

    This works perfectly - configuration works, the LED lights are working and grabbing the video and lighting the LEDs as expected - in this case Hyperion is great and working but .. When I change anything on fly - during it is live, and then I save the changes and restart the Hyperion from the WebUI then after restart I got exactly what I described .. does not matter what source is there - laptop via HDMI whatver - the cables are new - no issues with cables, only after restart - the noise :)

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    The grabber is not optimal, no 4K60 Hz on loop out and no HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

    Turn off HDCP on PS5.

    google: PS5 hdcp

    regards pclin

  • Ah I see, this is the first setup I just found - also would like to improve it - may I ask you for some recommendation? I just found thread about the splitters, bot not grabbers :) Also would like to have more than 1 source connected.

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    AVR & Splitter.

    HDMI Swich & Splitter.

    HDMI Matrix.

    regards pclin

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