New setup hyperion to able get 4k60hz

  • Hello all,
    I want to create new setup for my flat so I want to ask about your experiences.
    I have some different setup with hyperion for my parents.
    Their setup:
    Rp4 + WLED with WS2812B 230leds + Hyperion Android Grabber + Yeelight 1s bulb color + Sony Bravia TV 55.

    Right now I thinking about:
    What I have:
    -MiBox S 4k
    -Dell Wyse 5070 - Proxmox - install another vm with linux
    -Samsung 55 4K
    -HDMI grabber USB3.0 looks like this (aliexpress say that support 3840x2160@60Hz.):
    What I want to buy:
    -FeinTech VSP01222
    SK6812 RGBNW (I think about 60leds or 30leds per metr, price diffrents with power supply is about 13$. I have about 14 cm TV from the wall)
    - WEMOS with WLED
    I want to get 4k 60Hz output to my TV and from the Mibox be able to run netflix, amazon etc.

    Any suggestions/modyfications?

  • what's the question? and the raspi dont need/want to endure 60p and 4K resolution.

    You can make a DIY setup with only a 1080p grabber, and settings in only 720p and 25FPS

    You can find grabbers on Aliexpress from same vendor (coffee black)

    Dont use the grabbers with separate audio Jack because it can revert the audio from your hdmi signal and audio will fade.

    So in short, you can do it with Raspi 3B already or higher, use a template image of Hyperbian, write it on SD card.

    Stick the grabber into the Raspi for getting hdmi signal.

    Goodluck with endeavours

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