Lateral side bar wled layout help

  • Hello

    I start using the hyperion addon in home assistant and I need to configure the layout for 2 Lateral side bar wled one at right and the other at left sides of the TV or PC

    But I'm not able to create this layout....

    Is there any way to create this kind of layout?

    Thank you and best regards

    • Official Post

    Create 2 wled instances and set your layout for them.

    regards pclin

  • Thank you @pclin

    By the way

    Is there any option to use as a "sync" between this to output led instances, once I have one of then always flashing and the other smoothly follow the colors that I have present in the monitor?

    Thank you

    • Official Post

    Normally there is no sync problem, 7 instances with WLED work for me.

    There must be other reasons.

    regards pclin

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