Hyperion custom webserver in use with a esp

  • Hi,

    i just finished my first led strade with a wemos mini and a webserver...

    i modified the html files and created new spiffs for the webserver and added the ips of diffrent esps as links to controll multiple lights over one webserver...

    also i want to make a ambilight next week with a nuc (udo86 +arduino101) using hyperion.
    i have a few questions about the web app + esp

    1 is it possible i can use my own webserver instead of the one from hyperion?
    2 is there a way i could insert hyperion as a pattern in my modified webserver?
    3 also im not sure what os i should use for the udo? i only want to use the udo for kodi and hyperion..
    is openelec ok?

    here is a pic of how it should look and work..

    i hope somebody kcan help me :D
    happy new year guys

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