windows 10 ubuntu subsystem

  • hi
    im new to linux, im still playing around and testing hyperion...

    i just installed the ubuntu subsystem and the hyperion windows grabber on win10.
    i also downloaded and installed hyperion in the ubuntu terminal..
    but im not sure where it is stored? where do i need to put the hypercon config file i created?
    also it gave me a error?

    Installing startup script in init.d
    rm: cannot remove '/etc/init.d/hyperion': No such file or directory
    starting hyperion ok...
    installation finished...

    sorry for the question..
    but is hyperion only runnig when the ubuntu terminal is open?


    i found the linux folders... they are under...

    there is a init file inside but no init.d folder should i create one and install it again?

    update 2.…ackage-on-bash-on-windows

    did i understand it right... the init.d entry is for the autostart of the hyperion service?
    and its not possible with windows sub... i need to create a script to start it... ? are there any good tutorial out ? this is hard to use google for every tiny step :D

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