Hyperion doesn’t start automatically

  • I installed hyperion on raspbian lite on my Pi Zero W. The installation and configuration was succesfull, however, hyperion doesn’t start automatically when I start my Pi. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks!

  • Yes, i have to stop and start hyperion everytime using the hypercon tool or ssh. Everything was installed correctly. I already found a solution. There seems to be a problem with Raspbian Stretch Lite. When using Raspbian Jessie Lite everything works fine.

  • This happens to me every time my raspberry pi 3b reboots, I have to get on my laptop and connect with hypercon, stop and then start and it’s good. Any advice on how to fix this without having to reinstall my whole Pi again? I’v got a dual boot of Libreelec and Retropie on it.

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