Only some parts of the Ambilight light up

  • Hello,

    i have the following problem:

    My Ambilight shows the colors only on the left bottom and bottom side of the TV. It shows the colors from the top on the left bottom and the colors from top right on the bottom side.
    The Top,Right side dont light up.

    Hardware Setup: RPi Zero + WS2812b + Hdmi Splitter + Hdmi to AV + Hdmi Grabber (stk1160 chipset)

    I have grounded every hardware component. I connected the GND of the Leds to the GND of the Zero and the Datapin to GPIO 18 (Pin 12).

    I have 202 Leds: 65 at Top/Bottom + 36 Left/Right
    The First Led is on the bottom right (if viewed from the front of the TV).

    This is exactly how the LEDs are lined up. As you can see i can also grab a Screenshot from the hdmi grabber.
    Only Leds from 67 - 91 and 40 - 50 light up after starting Hyperion.

    Software Setup: Rasbian Buster on the Pi with Hyperion installed
    Hyperion Log:


    Hyperion Config:




    The Weird part ist, that using the Hyperion App, i can connect to the Server, set Effects and set colors using the colorwheel.. All Leds light up and react correctly when using the App.

    My thoughtprocess is that i already have the Imagedata from the Grabber (i can grab a Screenshot) so it has to do something with the config thats wrong? Or could it still be a Hardware problem like the grabber not delivering the signal fast enough or the hdmiToAV not working properly?

    I would love to know whether the config is correct..

    I am out of ideas and i hope one of you guys could help me out debug this..

  • I tried a few settings but it didnt change the result..

    Here is an example of how the lights behave:

    The Blue Color represents the part of the screen where the Leds dont even react to the image. The Yellow spot is being detectet but is displayed on the bottom left. The same goes for the Red part..

    I tried to change led Offset to different postions but in every situation some color/ledposition was off..

  • Alright i had multiple bugs to fix:

    • The Black Borders were the easiest one. After cropping the image it still didnt work right.
    • After restarting the whole system it still didnt work properly. The problem was my Power Supply.. I have a 5V 40A PSU but i didnt notice it was limited to 5A. Had to adjust the limitation...
    • After that worked, the light still was bugging around and the problem then was the HDMI to AV converter.... The one i have glitches after i restart the TV.. I thought it should restart with the tv as i have connected its usb cable to the tv.. but it seems to get its power through the hdmi cable.. Will look into it at a later point

    Thank you for your help!

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