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APA102 4K HDR Hyperion Supplies

Discussion in 'Hyperion General' started by benjamminalot, 2 December 2020.

  1. benjamminalot

    benjamminalot New Member


    I have been doing some research into making a Hyperion setup for a television (43" 4K HDR). I'm having a hard time knowing what to buy (some of the setups I found are a little different than mine WS2812B vs APA102 LEDs, 4K vs non-4K, etc...). Would anyone be able to point me to a guide with APA102 LEDs that allow 4K HDR? Otherwise, here is a list of the items that I currently have in my cart.

    Things I'm pretty sure I need:

    Things I'm not sure that I need:
    • 100 Ohm Resistors

    Am I missing anything?
  2. wladi

    wladi Member

    Really good 4k HDR without any issues you can have only with HDFury Diva device.
    The best cheapest option without spending 500$ for this device in my understanding is to by FeinTech VSP01202 Splitter and any HDMI to USB converter that works well (there are some proposals in the forum).

    The alternative is ezcap269 device, but some claims it causes too high delay.

    LED type is not relevant for 4k HDR.

    To have 4k and hdr has two problems:
    1) 4k. You cannot process 4k signal on raspberry pi, so you have to downscale it to HD or even lower resolution, but you still have to have 4k for TV. This is solved by FeinTech VSP01202
    which downscales signal on second HDMI
    output, but keeps 4k on the first one.

    2) HDR. downscaling means also translation from HDR to SDR. The problem is
    tthat some indormation is lost and you get quite bad color information on raspberry pi. Hypeion, however, can be adjusted to get quite good result at the end.

    This is all what I have understood reading lots of information on this forum. I am just planing my ambilight now.