Backlight threshold option not available in Hyperion.NG

  • Hello!

    I have flickering LEDs when there is a very dark (almost black) image.
    In the old Hyperion there was the threshold option to prevent that.
    For example green threshold = 0.05 --> 5% color needed for the led to turn on

    Is this not available anymore on or am I just too blind to find it?

    Thanks for your help!

  • I myself would like an option to have what Backlight threshold does, just without the light.

    So if all color values are under e.g. 10% turn off the LEDs completely.

    I have the same issues stated above, my LEDs are green, red or sometimes even blue with dark grey scenes (not clean grey maybe with a slight tint and thats where I think the color comes from)

    Gamma values didnt really help, I tested very high (up to 3.5) and very low values. Sadly they didnt help, only shifted the problem to brighter or darker scenes.

  • I have the same problem. The fix I found was to modify the source code of WLED (which I'm using together with Hyperion) such that the LED lights up only if the value of the LED is greater than a threshold. It is however not optimal since it only shifts the problem and I still get flickers the values of the LED are around the treshold value.

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