Hyperion Start-Script with additional command

  • Hey Community,

    I was working with Linux on a leisure-base, but this was like 20 years ago. So after only following instructions when sometimes working with my Pi (e.g. installing Kodi) since then, I am - shame on me - completely out of scripting etc...

    Because of that: Sorry for my "dumb" question.

    I found out, that to have my HDMI-Video-Grabber (WisFox, ID 534d:2109) running with Hyperion, I have to send the command

    sudo v4l2-ctl --set-fmt-video=width=1920,height=1080,pixelformat=1

    every time after (re)booting, before starting the hyperion-service.

    (Otherwise, I get a "Only pixel formats UYVY, YUYV, and RGB32 are supported"-Error)

    I tried to manage this myself, but to be honest, I have no idea (anymore), how to get a "proper" start-script running (in this case).

    Can anybody please help me out there? X/

    Thank you so much....

    PS: At least I am still kind of familiar with how to use nano etc...

  • davieboy, I guess, with "WebUI" you mean Hyperion NG?

    I was happy enough to get everything working with the "old" Configuration Program, as (afaik) NG is still Alpha and has to be manually installed?

    Here I have to run this command everytime after reboot.

  • Search for hyperion.sh and insert the line there.


    Dreambox ONE / TWO
    Amlogic S922X - 53.000 DMIPS - 2 GB RAM - 16 GB Flash - Twin-DVB-S2X Tuner - HDR10 - HLG
    AudioDSP: miniDSP 2x4HD - Lautsprecher ELAC
    LG OLED65BX9LB (PicCap)
    hyperion (classic) & Plugin HyperionControl | hyperion-ng 2.0.12 (dreamOS)
    Hyperion-ng (Debian Buster)
    6 x Wemos D1 mini - WLED - SK6812 RGBW-NW 60 LEDs/m
    5-Port HDMI Switch - FeinTech VSP01201 - Grabber Macrosilicon


    Ambilight for ever

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  • Sorry, there is no hyperion.sh on my system :(

    ...but maybe I really just go and see, if NG works with me....

  • davieboy THAT easy??? :rolleyes: ....dude, I was reading scary horror-stories about manual compiling and stuff, when trying to find information about NG :D

    Installation successful so far, WEB-UI running, first "Knight-Rider"-Effect test also successful. Have to find time now to work myself into the UI and see, if the grabber etc. also running fine.

    Thank you SO MUCH for your kind support - hope i can go from here by myself ;)

  • that you accidently put the HDMI-Cable in the Pi's out instead of the grabbers in.... :rolleyes:

    yes mate, thats not going to work =O:D:D

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