Hypercon Setup broken - best solution for fixing it?

  • Hi Guys,

    unfortunately my long lasting friend, a 2017 OSMC Hypercon installation, died yesterday.

    SD Card with OSMC and Hypercon got corrupted. After a new installation of same software - flickering of top and side Leds (only lower half, change brightness and color)

    No Problem when using internal grabber. I guess the external grabber maybe broken (shows some white black noise waves in screenshot).

    It looks like that the chip of a new Logilink grabber is different and doesn't work anymore with Hypercon.

    Question: Is there a alternatve for that with the same chip? If NO, what would be the easiest way to bring my ambilight back to life?

    Used Hardware:

    Ambilight: RPi 3b+, WS2801 LEDs, FeinTech VSP01222 with downscaler, Teorder HDMI to AV, LogiLink Audio and Video Grabber

    4K Tv, FireTvStick 4k, non 4k AVR, non 4k BluRay Player

    At the moment the Splitter has a non 4k "lane" form the AVR to Input1 and the 4k to Input2. Output 1 goes to the tv and output 2 gets downscaled to 1080p60 and via the "HDMI to AV" to the LogiLink grabber.

    Thank you in advance,


  • what would be the easiest way to bring my ambilight back to life?

    easiest way without Kodi addon is install Hyperion.NG is next generation.

    Hypercon is not supported anymore so go for a instant OS with Hyperion implemented,

    Automatic booting and low recourse of your PI

    Look for Hyperbian build

  • If you like to stay by the "old" Hypercon, look for Grabber with UTV007 chipset. They should work.

    But the better option is change to Hyperion.NG and use a digital video capture card.

    Grüße aus Österreich / Greetings from Austria !

    - I don't wanna miss it anymore !

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  • Thank you for the suggestions.

    I will try a fresh installation with HyperionNG via Hyperberry.

    I have already this grabber for my camera.

    How can I check if this has one of the preferred chips?

  • answer, it was on your link>

    Is it possible to use this grabber on the raspberry pi for hyperion to?

    Yes, it is. I have done so. But you have to use hyperion.NG


  • Thanks for helping me.

    The new HyperionNG system is working like a charm now.

    I had to lower the capture resolution down to 720x576 for lower delay. The live-feed doesn't look the good now, but it seems that it doesn't disturb the ambilight funktion. So I guess it's ok.

    One more question: In low light situations some leds are changing their colors quite rapidly. The old instalation had more like a "smooth and slow" changerate. I tried with the smothening settings, but It didn't really changed it.

  • A resolution of 720x576 or 720x480 px are enough for Hyperion. My settings of this grabber are 1280x730 @ 30fps, but it's also depend of the Raspberry Pi. I'm using a 3A+ and normally the CPU usage goes to 30-35%.

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