Art-Net Output

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to output art-net from my raspberry B+ v1.2 running the most recent version of hyperion. But i can't make it work.

    My goal is that i want to capture a performance with a camera and output art-net to dmx fixtures using a light desk.

    So what are the first steps to output art-net? software/hardware?

    Hopefully someone can help me


  • raspberry forums

    don't know this protocol but seems that they achieved something by adding hardware

  • Thanks for the fast repond!

    Sorry, i forgot to mention that artnet is in the list of network controller type.

    Normaly artnet is used in a 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x ip4 range.

    So how can i configure that the network port on the pi works in this range? And where can i set the subnetmask?

    And if the network port is changed to a different ip, can i still connect to the webinterface to control the pi?

  • yes I saw the protocol in the list.

    You can alter your IP manually in the PI.

    For this you have to disable DHCP which on default is ON, it's not hard to do but can not tell you how I don't want to test on a flawless installation.

    My advice would be on a fresh written SD card with any OS that runs on a PI, like for instance Rapbian/Hyperbian and then test with those settings. It doesn't matter what kind range you give the PI as long you know it. It works at least on DHCP (dhcp server activated on router) on any address.

    The trick is to set it to static that's the first thing to achieve, I tried it before and f*ked up my installation so 8|

    So first test it with the clone SD even without Hyperion and then if successful and you can reach the PI then you switch SD and repeat the action.

    The settings of IP subnet mask and gateway are all in same directory…with-a-static-ip-address/

  • Hi, thanks for the answers,

    quick update, i managed to set a static ip to the pi, but afterwards i was able to ping the pi but i could not connect to the web interface, so i decided to abandon the pi. Now i installed the windows version of hyperion and artnet worked in a few clicks, but now i noticed that i can't get to the usb interface settings, it is not present in the capturing hardware tab. Any ideas? I need a usb capture card to capture a camera and external video.


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