• Not really off topic since Ambivision is a commercial system that does what folks are working on here.

    I read several posts that mention Ambivision and this post is to ask about Ambivision experiences.

    I went all in on Ambivision and bought two systems. The hardware concept is mostly very good. Quality not so great. The app is a bugfest. Support is super crappy. I’ll cut to the chase:

    1. On intelligent mode, the most interesting mode, it does not seem so intelligent. The colors don’t follow the screen, my systems do not match the demos on the web site.

    2. I suspect that the fisheye software system is not optimized and distortion is throwing off the LED controller.

    3. The app bugs are maddening, especially in a multi system. When I report the bugs I get silence. The developer said new software would be released inside a week, it is now over a week and I have no confidence it will ever be released. Example, I did a firmware update on the camera/controller and it is now corrupted. I asked for a replacement several days ago and I am still waiting for a reply.

    So my negative experience with Ambivision led me here and I’m just beginning to read the threads and make a plan for a build.

    If you have used Ambivision, could you share your experience? Very interested to compare notes.

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  • ekimtoor1 Had ambivision pro for 2 years, but colour representation sucked, major lag and a customer service that was slower than Morse code!! Like 2 weeks for a response... bunch of jokers!

    We were so disappointed on so many levels, we are actually making our own system using HDMI capture. A few months away, but watch out for us:

    check out prototype on 100" screen:…Ambient%20Lights.mp4?dl=0

    From a 32" to a massive 200" screen with 60led count not 30 like ambivision, with 4K@60fps, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 pass through from $200 - $350, screen size dependant, with add on of 4 input HDMI matrix with everything, including Dolby Vision at a half of the price of Fury boxes with hyperion installed, anyone wanting parts message us.

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