GPIO18 issue with alpha 10

  • hello

    I have pi zero + hyperbian + ws281x work fine gpio18 On alpha 9

    But not working on alpha 10 with the same configuration

    When change GPIO18 PWM to GPIO10 SPI it work but with blinking some leds.

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    I have problem when screen on purple color but on led it is blue color why

    I think it's the RGB order. Change it to GRB or otherwise.

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  • the ordre on my config is GRB ( green is green, red is red, blue is blue)

    the problem is

    the color on screen yellow but on led green

    the color on screen purple but on led blue

    only this two color have problem

  • if you are sure in the hardware compartment everything is okay ? then maybe power drop in the ledstrip and/or to much resistance in the wiring and connectors. Check also connections and power the LEDstrip if possible from both sides

    You can try to increase the baudrate setting of the SPI led controller

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