Kodi Ambilight not working but Hyperion remote ok

  • Hi All,

    I have a Raspberry Pi3, running OSMC and kodi (was 18.6?) with Hyperion (NOT NG!!!) using W2801 LED's and all was working fine- I could use Hyperion remote to set colours, if i played a video from Kodi, the LED's changed and matched the video.

    Everything is running on a single pi, led's are connected via the spi pins, and tv connected via the hdmi port.

    The SD card died, so I built a new card with the latest OSMC image (kodi 19.1) and installed Hyperion.ng. Set the LED's up as w2801, set the number of led's counts for top/bottom/left/right etc and that now works fine with the Remote - i can set effects and they work. Reboot shows the rainbow effect as is set in the web interface.

    What i can not get working is the screen grabbing from kodi.

    Under Capturing Hardware I have ticked the box, but the only device i have to pick is Framebuffer.

    Under led instances if i select LED Output and enable the Live Video, i can sometimes see a black screen with some white boxes (i presume text) in the top left corner, and a hand full of LED's are lit in that corner of the TV. I suspect that this is the Linux console?

    The display on the TV however is the full Kodi homepage.

    So can anyone guide me or point me to a guide on how to change the output to capture or correct me on where I have gone wrong?

    In terms of changes, I'm still using the same PI, psu, and wiring has not been removed - only changes are software so is there an issue with compatibility?

    The old Hyperion was just to point it to the kodi install and off it went!

    For ref, the system info is:

  • Hmm.

    It's working for me on an Intel NUC running LibreELEC 10.0 (Kodi 19.1 / Linux Kernel 5.10.x) and Hyperbian on a Pi Zero W with WS2811 LEDs. Not using hardware/USB capture, just the kodi Hyperion plugin that I linked above.

  • That is good to hear. I was just referring to the statement on the site „. Note that this plugin will not work for Kodi running on the Raspberry Pi, because the video capture interface is not (yet?) supported on this device.“ If that is not applicable, even better…

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