USB C Cable - Colorcode ?

  • hello

    I would like to supply my raspberry 4 with power from the power supply unit. now I have cut the USB C cable open and see 5 wires.

    Red, green, white, yellow and a bare wire.

    Red will probably be 5V+, but what is GND?

  • the bare one.

    why power it like that? you can also better power it on the PINS directly when not using a smart charger ( like smartphone type)

    PIN 2 or 4

    So, or use a USB-C connector and smart charger on the PI,

    then connect common GND together

    Or, use the PSU to power the PI and use the PIN 2/4 for 5volts power

    then connect common GND together.

    common GND is connecting 2 or more PINs GND PI> to GND ledstrip> to V- or GND of PSU

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  • even in the Github fora it describes you can use the +5 volt power PIN directly to power the PI .

    the PINs are there for a reason.

    USB-C is a protocol for usb connection which expects to be the PI being connected to a smartcharger, this smartcharger detects a device that ask more current so will provide it then with more...

    USB-C is smart, connecting to a PSU will disable that feature, so less current available for the PI > will result in voltage dropping.

    If i was you i power the PI in the 2 ways i described. One or the other.

    each to his own. ;)

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  • 4noxx: I've tried this before. This didn't worked correct with a cutted USB-C cable, because the data wires was open.

    Then I bought this one, it works fine.

    Grüße aus Österreich / Greetings from Austria !

    - Don't wanna miss it anymore !

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