Rpi3 Libreelec , screen capture not working

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    I had to update librelec to the latest version then I reinstalled hyperion, my adalight strip is working for over 6 years without any prob, when I tried to enable screen capture I've had no result, effects are working but no screen capture

    tried also screen capture with 2 wled instances same, no result

    2.0.13 with libreelec 10.0.2

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    Screen capture on LibreElec Matrix (10.x) is currently not supported, as LE changed the way of screen rendering.
    If you use LE 9.x, Screen Capture should work.

  • trdb

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  • thanks, downgraded to 19 with 2.0.0.alpha 10 working fine

  • trdb

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  • disabled/removed and installed the latest

    each time I enable Screen Capture I got "Lost connection to Hyperion service!"

    and the arduino device reset (boot light fx)

    with wled devices automatically are discovered but not with .10

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