Android Screen Grabber + Shield (no Pro) + Pi 3b (no HDMI-Splitter and USB Grabber needed?)

  • Hi,

    Can you help me and tell me if I install the software Grabber (Android Screen Grabber) on the Shield (non Pro version) and connect it to a Pi (via Wifi or LAN) and get a setup without hardware: HDMI Splitter and USB Video Grabber? I only use one Media Device on my TV (Shield for IPTV and videos, no Netflix/Prime).

    I also have other questions:

    1. would a Wifi connection perhaps have possible LED delays compared to a LAN connection?

    2. can the software grabber be started by the Shield in auto-start mode or does it have to be started manually each time and run in the background?

    I couldn't find this information in a quick search here and via google

    Thank you and looking forward to this great project :)

  • Torres87

    Changed the title of the thread from “Android Screen Grabber + Shield (no Pro) + Pi 3b” to “Android Screen Grabber + Shield (no Pro) + Pi 3b (no HDMI-Splitter and USB Grabber needed?)”.
  • Performance wise it works great with wled but grabber is not working with HDCP content so no Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney...

    If it would it could be the best solution, unfortunately to get HDCP content only way is with some LG TVs or external grabber.

  • hi,

    I have a Shield setup and didn't use the Screen grabber because of the problem with streaming platforms as Netflix etc.

    I took a different approach and used a hdmi 4k receiver with 6 input 4K hdmi ports and 1 hdmi 4K port out.


    Shield tv Pro 》 hdmi receiver IN 》 hdmi receiver out 》input 4K signal to HDCP 2.1 hdmi splitter 60p

    Splits into :

    Output2: hdmi 1080p 》 grabber 1080p 》 Raspi

    Output1: Hdmi 4K 》 passtrough at 4Ktv

    I have on all 6 hdmi channels and every streaming platform as YouTube Netflix Disney Amazon etc works.

    HDR / Dolby Vision works.

    Also audio bitstreams as DTS /Dolby Digital + etc, are working in this setup.

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