Replacement of SEDU V2 with RPi Spi

  • pclin induced the idea to replace my SEDU V2 controller in order to get rid of my blue tint in the WS2801 LED strips. see Help on calibration with Sedu V2

    I would rather buy some APA102 strips now, use my RPi4 to drive them and use the existing power supply from the insanelight package to power the strips. I guess it has 50W. What would you recommend to buy? 30pcs/m or 60pcs/m strips?

    As far as I read the LEDs do have a power consumption of 0.2W per piece, so the power supply should be fine for both in my setup with currently 94 LEDs (with 30pcs/m) even if I would double the number of LEDs.

    Question already answered: LED power calculator - LED-Leistungsrechner does not allow for the 60pcs/m setup in my case, if I want to use the old power supply.

    How can I make the connections longer? My RPi will not be behind the TV screen, hence I need to make the connection for power and controller wire longer.

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  • If it is more than 3m you need a data booster.

    Look for e.g. QuinLED Data Booster.

    Below 3m, a level shiter e.g. SN74AHCT125 is also recommended.

    regards pclin

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  • In the meantime I replaced my Sedu V2 with AP102 directly driven by the Raspi 4. It works fine, the calibration is much easier compared to before. Is there any tip for the configuration to make the light as responsive as possible?

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