Flickering LEDs with Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and 12V WS2815 LED Stripe trying to implement ambilight behing my TV

  • Hey guys,

    I try to install my hyperion ambilight but I observe crazy flickering which I can not explain and can not find any reason. In this video you can observce the filickering:

    Here are two pictures to show my "setup", currently just for test purposes.

    Raspberry pi zero w2 / 2 W gets power via usb and ground (white cable) is connected to the 12V power supply ground. Blue cable is the data line. I connected it to the Data Input of the ws2815 led stripe.

    WS2815 led stripe gets power from 12V power supply. Data back-up line is connected to ground.

    Any ideas why I get this flickering?

    What I tried so far:

    - I used a esp32 to check if the LEDs and cabeling works and it does. So I think problem is to operate the ws2815 led stripe via raspberry pi?!

    So how can I fix the flickering with the raspberry --> ws2815 led stripe?

    Maybe another fix: Can I use a setup with the following configuration: raspberry pi for hyperion --> esp32 with wled --> ws2815 led stripe? Any documentation about this?

    Thanks in advance for any help and support!

  • Quote

    Data back-up line is connected to ground.

    Why? How should this work?

    Data back-up line belongs to Data

    raspberry pi for hyperion --> esp32 with wled --> ws2815 led

    works and is a good solution.

    Welcome to WLED - WLED Project

    regards pclin

  • pclin thanks for your reply and the wled wire illustration!

    In the meantime, I got hyperrion to work on a wled device (which is shown on the second picture) which operates a LED stripe under my side board where tv is mounted. But it seems that there is some delay, maybe due to network latency and for this reason I want to do it via the rasp pi directly and using a wled device for controlling the stripes.

    Here is my hyperion LED stripe configuration:

    Here is a new video after I put both data and data backup to the blue cable of the raspberry as told by pclin: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zTwJ3UEYdQne6a926

    However, I did not see any improvement :( Please take a look at the video.

    But I found something crazy: after removing the ground cable, the LED already works / lights are on. Only when I remove the data cables or the 12V, the led turns directly completly of. Is this normal? Any ideas what is wrong with my installation?

    Do I need a level shifter for the data line as on the esp32? Or a resistor? I connected the data line directly to the WS2815 LED stripe.

    Thanks for any help!

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