All the LEDs at the end do not light up

  • Hello friends, I have a problem, I have configured everything on coreelec, but unfortunately the last 15 LEDs are not lit Maybe Are there any limits to the number of LEDs? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I'm new here, please be understanding

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    Not enough information!

    OS, version, LED's etc.

    regards pclin

  • The equipment I have is Homatics box 4k plus the operating system is Android tv12 and Coreelec 21.0 Omega nightly

    Controller Type: adalight

    Streaming protocol: Adalight - Standard

    The type of led strip is: ws2812b

    Tape mounted on Samsung TV model: GQ75Q90TGTXZG

    14 primary LEDs do not work a similar situation occurs on Android TV and the ambilight application I will also add that the color displayed by the ambilight system does not always match Can someone who knows send the configuration file to review it and possibly correct it? I would be grateful.

    One more thing - it is possible to run ambiligt to work on all applications on this Samsung TV with the Tizrn system or is there any solution to make it work on androitv12 on all application Netflix YouTube ?

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    Hyperion version, how many LEDs?

    RGB Byte Order Wizard

    Colour calibration wizard

    Settings level >Expert

    Log > Log-Level > Debug

    Attach as a .txt file

    regards pclin

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