Need help - LEDs won't turn on

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    - Raspberry Pi 3B+

    - BTF-Lighting RGBW RGBNW Natural White Sk6812 (5m)

    - Lexar E Series 32GB MicroSD Card

    - SHNITPWR 5V 8A 40W Power Supply

    - Hyperion 2.0.16

    - 4K HDMI Video Capture Card, USB3.0 1080P 60FPS Video Recorder (HDCP 2.2)

    I attached a picture of the wiring, and also a picture of each end of the Sk6812 light strip. I am not sure if the way the black arrows are pointing is an issue but both ends of the light strip say Din as you can see in the picture. The logs also look fine, but I see no light from the LEDs ever. I will attach the logs below too, any advice would be appreciated since its my first time working with anything like this.

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    The black arrows are crucial!

    IMG_ 2550 is DIN, IMG_2551 is DOUT

    Connect +5V and GND on both sides.

    regards pclin

  • pclin thanks I changed the wiring to the image below. I'm still not sure why hyperion can't seem to control the LEDs now - the light strip does work all the lights came on at one point but it didn't last for long. Maybe my wiring could be better if you have any more suggestions? Maybe my PSU is not good enough to power both Pi and LEDs. I want to change the barrel jack adapter but I'm not sure how else to do it :/

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    I don't see any connection from GPIO 18 to DIN and no GND to RPI in the picture.

    Or is orange and green twisted at the end?

    regards pclin

  • yeah orange and green is twisted at the end, sorry I couldnt get the camera to focus nicely. And yeah the GND to RPi is there, its hard to see in the photo - should have labeled it better

    I changed dtparam=audio=on to dtparam=audio=off as suggested here. but still no luck

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    You have SK6812 RGBW LED, then what you have to do is described here.

    Attach a Hyperion debug log as a .txt file.

    Is there live video from the grabber?

    regards pclin

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    There is no error in the log, use MJPEG with the grabber. So there must be a fault in the wiring.

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B pin out


    regards pclin

  • Thanks a lot for your help. I believe the issue is in fact all wiring. I managed to get all the LEDs on now, but they are stuck on one color pattern. I will improve the wiring should help

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