when quiting hyperion wled resets the wireless credentials and turns the leds on

  • setup:

    - monitor ambilight kit based on a esp8266

    - controled by hyperion ng 2.0.16 via serial + adalight

    - does not show up in hyperion as wled device either

    - the system is a beelink ser5 pro minipc

    - the behaviour is the same on all usb prts

    i upgraded my zorrin os to the latest version 17 (ubuntu 22.04 based) and since then hyperion does not work in linux any-longer, it doesn't have any screen grab capture either and the device is not recognized neither on serial or wled

    in windows i can use it over serial via adalight but every-time i quit hyperion or shut down the pc the leds turn on and stay on forever. if i start hyperion in this time it works fine but the wled app shows the device offline and the wled-ap shows up in the available wireless networks and i need to coonect to it with a password.

    after starting with a fresh install of wled i can connect to it via the app and can control it but when i first start hyperion sometimes the first led blinks once white and then the leds turn off. if i quit hyperion and restart it everything works fine except when i quit hyperion the first led blibks white again once and then the leds turn on and stay on until i start hyperion again. in the wled app the device shows as offline and i cant use it to turn off the leds.

    what i'm guessing it happens is that the credentials for the wireless network are reset when quitting hyperion or when starting hyperion for the first time.

    is there a setting somewhere in hyperion or wled that would lead to this?

    any ideas on how to fix this?

    it worked fine for a while as intended. when i quit hyperion the leds would stay off and it could control the leds wia the wled too.

    i never could control these over wled in hyperion for some reason but they did work over serial in both zorin 16.3 (ubuntu 20.4 based) and windows.

    i have no ideas or skills or knowledge to fix this and i must admit , after getting used to the bias light for my monitor it's not easy to go back to not using it..

    i could not find any usefull info online, either oi don't know what to search for or there isn't that much info about this

    thanks for any help!..

    • Official Post

    Have you checked out the WLED wiki?

    Welcome to WLED - WLED Project

    Connecting ESP to WLED via Wifi is easy and Hyperion has some control options with the controller type: wled

    You can find settings for WLED with Ambilight here

    serial + adalight is usually not a good idea - the baud rate for most LEDs is too low.

    Which LED and how many do you use?

    Attaching a Hyperion debug log as a .txt file always makes sense.

    regards pclin

  • thanks for taking the time.

    unfortunately i could not figure it out, it's something to do with the ubuntu 22.04 os base i guess and no matter what i tried hyperion nor the wled web installer could not get access to the usb ports.

    i downgraded to the older os (based on the ubuntu 20.04) but this one will only get updates and security patches for 1 more year so i'll see what i can manage to do in the future but for now i'll keep it as is. it works fine with no issues on the older os.

    thanks again and have a good day!

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