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  • Hello evryone i have tried to get Hyperion on mine lg tv but unfortonly mine software is to new.

    So i can wait for the update and dont update mine tv anymore or i choose a diffrent way.

    And that,s is what iam trying to do.

    I have a deneon receiver with 4 HDMI out an 2 HDMI in

    I have a lg 77 inch tv wit one hdmi out and 4 in.

    I have a apple tv 4k

    and i have formuler 7 mediabox also 4k

    So what do i need to get the best out of this

    A good HDMI splitter for 4 k wich one is recomended?

    Raspberry PI what model and ?

    Ledstrips i have the SK6812 RGBW

    Power supply a smaal one if thats possible ?

    And do i need more?

    Do i have also have ambilight when i,am watching conten from webos?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    LG 77 with HDMI Out which model and software?

    Without PicCap you need a splitter and grabber. Contet from webos is then usually not possible. Something would probably be possible via HDMI Out, but probably no DRM protected content.

    hyperion is available for some devices, RPI, PC, LG, Dreambox and others. Depending on the grabber you need USB 3.0

    For switch, splitter, grabber and power supply look here

    regards pclin

    Dreambox ONE / TWO

    dreamOS OE2.6

    Amlogic S922X - 53.000 DMIPS - 2 GB RAM - 16 GB Flash - Twin-DVB-S2X Tuner - HDR10 - HLG
    AudioDSP: miniDSP 2x4HD - Amp: Pentagon - Lautsprecher ELAC / ARENDAL
    LG OLED65BX9LB (PicCap, hyperion.NG webOS)

    FireTV 4K max

    hyperion (classic) & Plugin HyperionControl | hyperion-ng 2.0.16-beta.1 (dreamOS)
    Hyperion-ng (Debian bullseye)
    6 x ESP32/Wemos D1 mini - WLED - SK6812 RGBW-NW 60 LEDs/m
    FeinTech VSP01201 - Grabber Macrosilicon

    LG TV Hyperion webOS & PicCap


    Ambilight for ever

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