EffectEngine: Add all Paths to .json

  • This is already possible.

    "effects" :
            "paths" :

    There is just a small problem. It throws an error at the log for the missing path. Is it possible to modifiy this that just a message will be thrown if no paths are found?

    //This is a failsave method for all users.


    EFFECTENGINE ERROR: Effect directory can not be loaded: storage/hyperion/effects

    @penfold42 ?

    Thank you :)

    • Official Post

    This the code block that does the path loading:


    Will add a check there so if we found 0 valid paths it throws an error :)

    // Update

    Would look like this and will test here now, so if we find 0 paths it will always throw and if only one out of two in there is invalid we don't throw as we have valid effects.

    // Update 2

    Complete example on gist and tested here with one invalid and one valid path like in the example.



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