Control Multiple Instances/Leds

  • I'm a bit lost, I recently switched from Hyperion to HyperionNG, got all the Hardware running, in depth two esp01-ws2812b, ArduinNano(neobob)-TM1829 and RPI-lvlShift-ws2812b.

    Now i simply want to switch off all my lights (instances)
    my Workaround now is to switch through all instances via website and clear all effects separately.

  • sure, still no clue how to handle ALL instances.
    tell me first, is there a way to clear the instaces from commandline via hyperion-remote?
    i can clear every LED Hardware/Instance via "-I" option, but not all, can i?

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  • No, Not the instance of hyperion service, but the instance of each led Hardware in hyperion.NG, sorry if i was misleading.

  • Cause I use it as "Ambient Lightning control", not for "ambilight"-clone. Grabber isn't used at all.

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  • i Use:
    Hyperion-remote -I [0-2] -clear
    To darken all LEDs ONE BY ONE, I need the command to clear all,
    Like in ol'hyperion -clear-all option.
    "sudo service hyperion* stop" would be my way to stop the service.

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  • Workaround via Script:

    # called with &> /dev/null to supress shell messages
    hyperion-remote -I CaseLight --clearall
    hyperion-remote -I Lampe --clearall
    hyperion-remote -I Gaming --clearall
    hyperion-remote -I CapRegal --clearall

  • For explanation, there's no display plugged into raspberyPi, it is just a Lightning control/instance for my Leds, which gets controlled by fhem.

    Since yesterday I run hyperion-x11 on another system (libreelec) separately for grabbing, which works fine when called with lower Priority of 100-199, which clears all instances at once when screensaver is activated, which can be done by json, script or remote button.

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