Webos tv and ps5 also?

  • I want to replace my philips hue strip with a better system... Can this work with the built in apps on my tv? Also I have a ps5, will this work on that as well?

    My lg tv is model 75un7370

  • This is the only way to capture webos input (and don't need a "Hdmi 2.0 grabber/limiter" bewteen your shiny hdmi 2.1 PS5 and probably shiny LG CX or C1 with wen os TV).

    You can have nice setup with camera :

    It can be behind your couch fixed to wall with WLED.

    If yu have a Pi, Leds and a spare cam you can give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by accuracy

  • What's the build materials list? I recall some time back there used to be kits you could buy...

  • I don't use special material, my camera is far from TV. the Solution is perfect.

    you can watch this Thread, dinvlad is trying a setup with a fisheye camera:

  • you need the same materials as for a regular setup with the exception of the grabber and the HDMI switch/matrix since you can use a USB webcam to grab the image. Optional is an esp8266 tu run wled and control the LEDs. I am also using a webcam to run my Ambilight System and I am happy with the results. Using chiaki and the Android grabber you get even better results without losing HDR because chiaki does a good hdr/sdr conversion. You get a bit of lag, but it's the best you can do if you don't want to spend a lot of money on other devices.

  • luchow3cu I bought an esp8266 to add second led strip. Do you have a good beginner tutorial ?

    I followed the tutorials from adafruit + the wiki from wled. I used the elements recommended from the adafruit best practices website.


    A 1000uF 10V (or higher) capacitor between the poles to smooth the voltage; a level shifter (74AHCT125) between esp8266 and LEDs; and a 330 ohm resistor before the first LED. Also I grounded the unused pins OE and A from the level shifter to avoid oscillations. I hope that is enough information. I can make a schematic of you are having troubles.

    Here is a good video that explains the circuit

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    I used some other components from this video. Adafruit feather m0 -> Wemos D1 mini, Level Shifter TXB0108 -> 74AHCT125 (Recommend from the WLED Wiki). Take into consideration the different components have different PIN Layouts.

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