Resolution issues

  • I seem to be having some issues with my setup. I recently switched from an invidia shield to an htpc running libreelec 10. I have tried x11 and xcb and I have the option to adjust display refresh rate turned on. When i play a 4k movie and go back to say 1080 content the resolution doesnt properly change in the grabber. It either gets stuck at the larger 4k resolution and any other content only plays in the upper left, or it stays at the 1920x1080 resolution and the 4k stuff is cropped to a 1080 section of the video feed. I have my resolution in kodi set to 1920x1080 refresh rate is set to 60. If i turn off adjust refresh rate the issue appears to go away. When adjust refresh rate is turned on my tv reports the correct resolution and refresh for each video, with it turned off they all say 1920x1080 60p. Now I have slightly gotten around this by using the kodi grabber 1.0.3 but that introduces a weird frame drop issue that results in my leds flashing randomly during playback. I am using the intel 630 onboard graphics as I dont have another card to throw in it. I am wondering if it wouldnt be worth it to switch the htpc to windows and see if that provides better results. Any help would be super amazing.

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