Capturing hardware reset with pc shutdown

  • I'm using Hyperion on my computer to get ambilight with my wled setup.

    I had "Audio Capture" activated once but deactivated it again in the past.

    Hardware is found by Hyperion but every time I start up my computer, the capturing hardware Hyperion want to use is the audio interface. This option is disabled only "Screen Capture" is activated.

    After activating and deactivating "Audio Capture" the ambilight is working fine.

    Reinstalling the Software doesn't have any effect on this.

    • Official Post

    This is a known bug in 2.0.15 and was already fixed (

    If you are running on Linux, you can test the nightly build.

    For Windows or Mac you might test a development build from one of the latest PR.

    Otherwise wait for the next release (no ETA available).

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