[Tutorial] Wireless LED extension with ESP8266/ESP32 for Hyperion

  • Hello
    my idea is to run hyperion on android device with usb hdmi grabber.

    Will it be possible with no SPI and only forward data to extensions?

    Any ideas how to compile/port to android?

    Hope somebody have advice to start with.

    Thanks and best regards

  • Hey guys, I could bring my D1 with WS2801 up and running very easy.
    But unfortunately, I can not controll the ES8266 after a few minutes with the App anymore (the controller still controlls the LEDs) and I have to reeboot it then.
    Any idear where to start on this to troubleshoot it?

    Also, how can I import other effects to this?
    I just find manuals for the Raspberry ;(

  • Just to give you a feedback: I just checked WLED about Christmas, there was no W2801 support, so I ignored it.
    Since February there is W2801 support!

    It is 100% what I am looking for!

    Thanks Ktosiu!

  • If you have multple instances of hyperion you will need to forward the grabbers data from the first instance to the others.
    Another example for that is found here.

    The link is dead. Can somebody told me how to start/autostart the second instance?

  • Hi all,

    I've been following this project closely and love the expansion Hyperion has seen due to countless hours by many. The only issue I'm struggling to understand (and this is probably due to lack of experience with Hyperion). I'm trying to work out if I can select just a portion of the screen to be grabbed and sent to two ESP8266 located on either side of the bed. Basically, I have WS2812 strips on either side of the bed and I would like them to represent the colours captured from the bottom of the screen for their respective sides. So if the bottom left of the TV is blue I would like the left side of the bed to be blue. Is this something that is possible or anyone had experience with achieving?


  • I was encounter few errors, when trying to compile for Wemos D1 Mini. I was using:

    Arduino IDE 1.8.19

    esp8266 v.3.0.2

    ArduinoThread 2.1.1

    ArduinoJSON 6.18.5

    LinkedList 1.3.2

    FastLED 3.4.0

    To resolve problem with compilation I must do two changes.

    1. File BaseHeader.h

    add line:

    #undef min(a.b)

    right before #endif

    2. File ConfigStructures.h

    right before the line:

    #include <FastLED.h>

    add line:


    With this two modification I was able to compile and upload the code to Wemos D1 Mini.

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