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  • Integrate a "call back" to Hyperion? 13

    1. Yes, it is ok to gather such information but NOT MORE! We respect your privacy! (9) 69%
    2. No, i really don´t like the idea (3) 23%
    3. Whatever! It doesn´t matter that much. (1) 8%

    I want to open a discussion if YOU would agree that we implement a "call back" into Hyperion that submit the following information on every startup to our webpage.

    Distribution: example: OpenELEC, LibreELEC, OSMC, Raspbian etc..
    Platform: example RaspberryPi1, RaspberryPi2, Amlogic, X86_64 etc...
    A unique id: We need a ID that will be created during runtime that we don´t count one hyperion more than one time.

    So we will get a good view on which platforms Hyperion runs on.
    This data could be very helpful if we need to deprecate old libs/dependencies that we know if it will affect many users or not. This helps us the keep the code as clean as possible.

    Note: The code is open source - you could really control yourself!


  • Could make it part of the install script with a default opt-out like so:

    > Do you want to share Hyperion usage statistics (device / platform name only!) to help improve and prioritize development? y/N

    If selected on each Hyperion daemon startup it does a one time callback including the stats listed in the first post :)

  • User input is a problem for our install process atm :)
    But i also thought about a opt-out option.
    maybe via the .json? If you add a flag, it won´t submit data.

  • You could really easy get a log of Hyperion. I am not sure if it is necessary to write a log on systemd systems. everything is stored at the journalctl database. Also it is flash based (Pi) we should not really do some more write cycles to it :)

    But a option that you could easy use from a smartphone may be very handy!

  • We could make it part of the init / service script with the opt-out flag in there, that way we can keep it separate and not have it in Hyperion code :)

  • @Rick164
    which way would be the easiest to push these values to the page?
    Of course via a secured connection! But how? :D
    To store it?

    Also: These statistic could be see by everyone (device/distribution share). Would be interesting i think and don´t harm anything.

  • Was thinking about using Piwi but will need to dig into their API options a bit, that would make it secure and we get combined statistics with a nice UI :)

  • The aggregation of charts out of this might be interesting. If a call is enough with ID=hSdf82Fas8&distro=OpenELEC&platform=BCM2708 would be great.
    If piwik could process this.

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