Issues with SK6812 RGBW

  • you have a log from this?

    Thanks Lighting-guy for you response.
    So currently I'm able to run the 6812 strip but for some reason i cannot increase LED quantity more than 250. as soon as i set quantity to 300 LED the WEB UI stops responding.. I have to unplug/plug the Rpi 4 then LED starts with rainbow swirl of 250 quantity.

    please see attached log file

    Appreciate your assistance.


  • Thanks Lighting-guy for you response.

    there was something with the SPI settings to use this strip, i've seen this in another topic also about sk6812 and SPI controller

    SPI is also lifting on same services than your ethernet/WIFI connection, so i think you reached the limit of packets that can be send over SPI

    let me find it, LEDs not working

    add spidev.bufsize=1024000 in /boot/cmdline.txt

    there's no faults in your configuration how i can see it so the SPIsk6812 controller is running

    this section you have to add that rule, somewhere with one spacebar room.

  • this section you have to add that rule, somewhere with one spacebar room.

    I've tried but still strip does not turn on for more than 250 qty :(

    I saw from the link you put how to check buffersize, I tried to cat it still gives 4096, does that mean the line pasted in cmdline.txt is not correct position?

    Thanks for your help.

  • if it's still 4096 then it doesn't see the new line, Mike72 says it have to be at the end of the line,


    or you have to put in a script,

    and before i forget >> did you power the ledstrip from both sides? so beginning and end

    +5 volts joined together and GND joined together

  • I see notepad there, I think the file is no longer in Unix format line end LF.

    Use geany or notepad ++ and set the end of line to LF when saving.

    regards pclin

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  • Mike72 says it have to be at the end of the line

    Yes, with a spacer after the last existing character, otherwise the Pi will not boot.

    Grüße aus Österreich / Greetings from Austria !

    - Don't wanna miss it anymore !

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  • Thanks gray. I ended up getting it sorted out. It wasn't working for the longest time. I re-imaged my RPI exact same settings as I had before (from following this thread) and then it started working.

  • Lord-Grey

    Maybe it's a plan to merger every SK6812 topic into one big one.

    It's really a difficult ledstrip to get it working, in this way all tips and tricks are bundled in one topic. I read a lot of problems everywhere with only this strip..

    Call it

    The big SK6812 topic, for all tips/problems/tricks

    It's just a idea 💡

    • Official Post


    I agree that it would be helpful to have details at one place. The doc link I shared above is an initial attempt.

    Everybody can ship in to get the hyperion documentation elaborated.

    I would think that place would be more suitable rather having a thread here that might get too long or spoiled over time.

    Happy to add a HowTo or FAQ section, but it would be good, if content would be provided initially.

    People can either share a Pull Request with content via or drop us a message.

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