HDFury Diva as a spliter for Dolby Vision?

  • Hello,

    I’m very new to all this and appreciate all help!

    I have a 4K Dolby Vison and HDR10 capable tv - Sony Bravia XF9005 - Denon AvR X2300W and Apple TV and PlayStation 5 as media players.

    I would like to setup Hyperion on my raspberry pi and use it for ambient lightning. I understand that Dolby Vision content is troublesome as most splitters do not support the format. However, could I use HDFury Diva as a splitter - send 4K Dolby vision to my tv and 1080p to raspberry pi? Expensive solution I know but I try to use Dolby vision content whenever possible.

    If there are alternatives please do let me know


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  • If there are alternatives please do let me know...

    Definitely not at the moment, but a little advantage is that the HDFury Diva can directly control a limited number of LEDs. Some users wrote that certain combinations of splitters and video capture cards worked. You can find this in here. Another and cheaper possibility could be the camera method. But it's all in german.

    Grüße aus Österreich / Greetings from Austria !

    - Don't wanna miss it anymore !

  • They is a good english thread about camera method here (with script for fisheyes cam)

    If you have a spare webcam, a raspberry pi. You can test with the preview pane what your camera method can do for you.

    This is my daily driver.

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  • So camera is an alternative to using HDFury and reading other threads it works quite well. But does that mean that a splitter like Fury would work too? Mike72 you mentioned that Diva can directly control limited number of leds but reading about it it only supports hdfury's branded led strips https://www.hdfury.com/product/ambient-leds/ although not sure how these would be different from any other strips

  • ptrh: I don't know if other LED types also works. At the link you can see these are 4-wire-LEDs like APA102 or SK9822.

    Maybe these will work with the Diva, but not sure. Beside the unknown LED type, the price would put me off... :huh:

    Grüße aus Österreich / Greetings from Austria !

    - Don't wanna miss it anymore !

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  • Im curious to understand where the camera is placed to achieve the same with a camera?

    Here is my setup, the camera is about 2 meters from the TV.

    dinvlad used a fisheye camera in front of the TV.

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